Campground Rules
Rainy River Resort Campground welcomes pets with the following restrictions:

1. For their own protection, they must be leashed at all times. Our campground is frequently visited by skunks, raccoons, rabbits, deer, bear, fox and porcupines. We are extremely rural and surrounded by state forest. Your pet may be tempted to chase animals and get lost, or worse yet, be attacked.

2. They may not be left in our camper rental unattended. While in the camper, they are not allowed on the furniture.

3. You must  clean up after your pet both indoors and outdoors.

Potable Water
The potable water is denoted by faucets painted green. Even if there is a faucet at your site, please do not permanently hook your camper to the faucet. It is there only for your convenience in filling your fresh water tank. The reason for this is that to keep costs low, these faucets are connected to our house well. A severe drop in water pressure would result if all sites were in use at the same time as activities in the main house. Worse yet, this could result in damage to the well pump.

The faucets marked in red/orange are connected to the irrigation system which gets its water directly from the Rainy River. This water is not potable!  However, if the irrigation pump is on, you are welcome to  use this water for other purposes other than drinking.

The pond is open for fishing and no Michigan fishing license is needed. However, it is catch and release only using artificial baits. The pond contains blue gills and large mouth bass. It was just restocked two years ago and the fish are small at this time. However, you are welcome to try your luck. No children under 12 are allowed at the pond without the supervision of an adult who can swim.

Over the last few years Northeast Michigan  has received less than one-half of its normal rainfall. Therefore, we request that you follow these simple rules. Fires are allowed only in the fire pits. In extremely dry conditions, the MDNR may ban all outside burning. Rainy River Resort may also ban outdoor fires if the owners deem the property conditions warrant this ban. Never abandon even a smoldering fire and please put all fires completely out with water before leaving the fire pit.

Please, enjoy your stay with us!